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Survey Dumpy level

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Surveying is an integral part of civil engineering. However, the knowledge of surveying is incomplete without leveling. This dumpy level is an optical leveling instrument used for establishing the relative height levels of objects. It is provided with a fully sealed structure to protect from dust, humidity and rain. Moreover, it is highly demanded in the market.


Standard Deviation for 1km double-run leveling 2.0mm

Image: Erect

Magnification: 24X

Objective Aperture: 38mm

Field of View: °20

Minimum Focus: 0.5M

Multiplication Constant: 100

Additive Constant: 0

Accuracy: ±0.8

The sensitivity of bubble: 8/2mm

Horiz circle-reading 1°orlgon

Instrument weight 1.85kg

Vertical Circle Level 1' / 2mm

Temperature Range

Operation: 20 to +50°C