Privacy Policy

Areeva Decor protect your privacy. The privacy policy given is easy to understand and any information provided by you stays with us. We Areeva Decor do not share your personal information with anyone for any reason. We do not rent, lend or sell the information for any purpose. This covers all the data like your contact information or any other specific data. Your data access is restricted to only those who need to know Your personal information will be approachable to only a limited number of employees in our organisation only with special access rights. Even though we need to compile common analytical data based on your order from time to time, this information is shared within the organization only and has no detectable personal data linked with it. Information collected.

To allow you to place an order on our website, we require & hold following basic data about you that is:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your address
  • City
  • Zip code
  • State
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Login Details & Password
  • Information about Marketing preferences

Along with this basic information our system collects certain details about your system internet connection like your IP address whenever you visit our website Your IP address does not make your personal identification possible. We only use this information to send you the web pages upon your demand, to personalise our site according to your interest, just to have an account of people visiting our site and last but not the least to have a geographical account of people that is where people come to our site.

We do not provide access to your data to any unauthorised person, visitor and anyone who are not a part of our organisation.

Information medication:

You can alter your personal details using the edit profile option anytime. Information sharing.

Only the required information shall be provided to the courier companies, vendors, credit card processing companies, etc. for performing the necessary functions for your order. The information might also be shared with the law authorities, for fraud detection workings and safety for our site.

Information Usage The most used information is your email address and thus is confirmed at every order. It is also used for customer related activities and for any newsletter sent. The information will be retained of the record unless called for by the law authorities or in the case of any disputes.

If you agree our Terms & Conditions information which means you agree the following :

Consent : Customer are willing & permit us to process his personal information for certain purpose.

Interest : Legal processing is compulsory for us to run our business not on the risk of overriding customers rights or interest.

Prevention of Fraud : Areeva Decor is required to process your data in order to protect customers from Fraud.

Other : To process of your personal information helps to protect you & others.

By Law : We required legal commitment to process your information by Law.