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Survey Sun Auto Level 24X

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Areeva-décor presents sun automatic level in 24X magnification. It is provided with a fully sealed box to protect from dust and humidity. Its compensatory range is ±15. However, it weighs 1.85kg and its quality and manufacturing make it reliable for long term use.


For the following features and specifications as listed below:

Technical Data: Parameter Model DSC-240A

Standard Deviation for 1 km double-run leveling 2.0mm

Image: Erect

Magnification: 24X

Objective Aperture: 38mm

Field of View: °20

Minimum Focus: 0.5M

Multiplication Constant: 100

Additive Constant: 0

Compensator Range: ±15

Compensator setting

accuracy: ±0.8

The sensitivity of bubble: 8/2mm

Horiz circle-reading 1°orlgon

Instrument weight 1.85kg

Vertical Circle Level 1' / 2mm

Temperature Range

Operation: 20 to +50°C