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Heavy Duty Wooden Survey Tripod

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This beautiful wooden tripod is exceptional due to its torsional rigidity especially under load, durability at outdoors, vibration dampening and height stability. An electrostatic powder painted casting for a durable and long lasting finish. Its locking clamps provide a perfect stability for holding levels in place. Therefore, it is ideal instrument for surveying and building

     SKU: ADS03

  • Material: Wood & Metal
  • Color: Multi color
  • No warranty
  • Lightweight and durable wooden design - hinges, clamps and shoe casting
  • Electrostatic powder-painted casting for a durable and long-lasting finish
  • 5/8-inch-11 thread-stud, flat head tripod - universal with string hook for plumb bob
  • Extended height: 69 inches, closed height: 42 inches, weight: 8.00 kg
  • Positive locking quick clamps are ideal for holding levels in place