Nautical Cooper Diving Helmet

Product Code:RNHM12
Size 42 X 36 X 42 cm (18” height, 15” deep)
Color : Antique Antique Finish
Material Used : Solid Heavy Metal 
Usage : Home Decorative, Desktop Decorative, Table Decorative
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Packaging : Corrugated Export packing
Weight: 8.5 Kg
Volume Weight: 15.5 KG

Product Description

Our Large full size Well crafted Divers helmets are commanding feature piece that evoking senses and illuminating entire spaces. This diving helmet is a well-made replica of vintage navy divers helmets. made of Iron, Aluminum, and Steel in Antique Finish. Great craftsmanship and is in excellent condition. It is perfectly sound, and sports incredible.

These extendable Antique US Navy Mark V Deep Sea Marine Divers Helmet will light any gallery or workshop with a modernistic ambiance.

We Prepare these with Fully Craftsmanship. We use manually Dying and Antique process to burn and other Techniques. These are Reproduction Antique finish iron, brass, steel and aluminum metal used.


– Premium quality well made deep sea diver helmet replica.

– Metal: Solid Brass.
– Magnifying Lens Only on the Front Window.
–  Finish: Antique Finish as shown in Picture(Used Manually Dyeing Antique Process Color may differ a little bit due to manually burning process )
– Weight : 8.5 kg.
– Volume Weight: 15 kg.
– Top head measurements: 42 X 36 X 42 cm (18” height, 15” deep)
– All the measurements are approximate.