Nautical Antique Brass Telescope - Areeva Decor

Nautical Antique Brass Telescope

This traditional antique finish reproduction telescope is ideal to grace the balcony, library, conservatory or drawing room of a fine house. This beautifully crafted, hand-polished antique finish vintage look telescope has been manufactured to reflect the workmanship and materials of a more elegant bygone age. All feature are of high quality, fully coated optics making it highly functional product. All models provide correct images, so they can be used for terrestrial viewing as well as for basic observation observations.



Color: Antique Finish
Magnifying Lens 24x
Telescope Tube Length 18"
Tripod Height: 26"
Material Used: Premium Quality of Wood & Brass
Usage: Personal use, Home Decorative & Gift ( used to allow the viewer to see distant objects more clearly by magnifying them or to increase the effective brightness of a faint object)
Packaging: Corrugated Export packing